Site “” is the official website of the government of Tajikistan and all news related to the government and other official internal news are first published through this website. This site has officially turned into a site that brazenly justifies all the slander and lies of the government of Tajikistan. Its publishers are also mostly fakes.

Yesterday (18.04.2019), this website published news claiming, that the Turkish authorities have expelled the “Group 24” from its territory because of its links to terrorism.

This news is a blatant lie and slander against the “Group 24” and the publishers of this site without shame and conscience publish to their readers such false articles. In addition, this lie seems to be published from the words of the Speaker of the Great National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Sentop. Even if that were true, the government would have published it not only through this website, but also would have been on Central TV. In response to such slander, it is nessesary to mention, that the Turkish government has not taken such actions against the “Group 24” to date. Morover the head of the Group 24 Suhrob Zafar, the representative of the movement in Turkey Nasimjon Sharipov and other members of the group live currently officially in Turkey. It proves, that “Khovar” website publishes fake news and is a fakee website of the government.

The fact, that Group 24 had links to terrorism is, of course, blatant slander and lies. Because from the begining if its foundation it has been always people’s movement and has never been separated from the people of the country.  The main purpose of this group was and is to destroy the clan and family regime and create a people’s government. In addition, during the detention of the head of “Group 24” in Turkey there were such charges by Rahmon’s regime, but the Supreme Court of Turkish Republic denied all these charges and called them unfounded and released Suhrob Zafar 5.10.2018 year on the birthday of Rahmon. It should be noted, that “Group 24” operates not only in Turkey but also in other countries, especially freely and without problems continues its activities in the CIS countries and so far no state has banned its activities.

Shokhin Makhmadshoev