“Save us from this shame!”

Now in Tajikistan there is a spring conscription campaign in the armed forces.

And once again, the authorities faced the problem of lack, despite the fact that there are about 700,000 young people of draft age in the country (from 18 to 27), and the armed forces require about 7,000 recruits each season. And again the topic of illegal “raids” and “raids” on young people is relevant. Unfortunately, today, thanks to Rakhmonov, the authority of the armed forces is so low, the conditions of service are so inhumane that forced conscription is the only way to fulfill the recruitment plan. Therefore, the authorities cannot refuse illegal raids on the capture of hypothetical soldiers.

For many years, people have been trying to draw the attention of the authorities to this problem. A few years ago, Rakhmonov seemed to talk about the fact that this problem exists, promised even to stop such barbaric acts, but as they say, “who is still there.” It turned out that these are Rakhmonov’s next empty promises in order to calm the people for a while and reach out to the next draft campaign.

But people can’t keep quiet anymore! On April 9, the famous Tajik journalist Rajabi Mirzo published an open letter entitled “Save us from this shame!” Hundreds of Tajik citizens signed this petition, and it was sent to President Emomali Rahmon and his son Rustam Emomali. The main requirement of the petition: to stop the illegal and shameful practice of hunting young people of draft age. It also says that this practice questions the rule of law in the country and violates the rights and freedoms of citizens, discredits the state, increases frustration and destroys the psychology of people. Spoils the image of the state and its army.

The administration of the President of Tajikistan has already responded to this petition, instructing Minister of Defense Sherali Mirzo, Minister of the Interior Ramazon Rakhimzod and Prosecutor General Yusuf Rahmon to consider complaints about “raids” or illegal hunting.

The autor of the petition shares his experiences on social networks that although they must now give an official answer, there is a possibility that this will be an “answer for the sake of an answer.”

On the one hand, of course, the fact that the people are beginning to awaken and are trying to shout at Rakhmonov is pleasing, and on the other hand, knowing how patient our people are, it becomes terrible from the lawlessness that is happening in the country, because people are already on the verge if they dared to turn somewhere.

It is hard to believe that the practice of forced conscription will be a thing of the past, too much needs to be changed in the armed forces for this. And Rakhmonov will not be able to adequately get out of this situation, and he will most likely not even try.

It remains to observe developments, hoping that the author of the petition and the signatories will not be guilty of everything themselves.

Group of 24 political movement