Robin Hood of our time

Due to epidemic of coronavirus and during sacred month Ramadan, in media, names of the members of the family of the president rendering the charitable help to the population more often began to sound.

Before we already heard about the son of the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmonov(the President of Tajikistan since 1994), Rustam Emomali who made meteoric career, and also about the daughter, Ozoda Rahmon heading the office of the president, and yes there is one more position – the president’s grandson, this position was entrusted to Rustam Emomali’s son, Anushervon, but didn’t decide on a sort of his activity yet, he “the talented football player”, he “the talented equestrian”, pride of the nation, generally. But probably the people not with special enthusiasm accepted “the talented athlete” and presidential image makers decided that, for certain, the love of the nation will be won by “talented businessmen” who work for the good of people and share with them. Both here at the request of the president and on own initiative all presidential family urgently did charity work.

And like nothing reprehensible in it isn’t present if not two moments:

 All charity events are more similar to advertizing campaign on formation of attractive image of family of the president.

And the second moment where they actually take what is so generously distributed?

Every day for the last month the state media widely cover government charity events and urge all “to follow a charitable initiative of the Leader of the nation” which sends humanitarian aid to hospitals of the country for fight against coronavirus.

So, for example, on May 16 state. The national television channel showed the report on “a help caravan” from 140 trucks going to hospitals of the north region Sughd. Showed long and in paints painted what “careful” president at us. Obviously the plot bore not just informative character, but very persuasive advertizing of “care of the president of the population”. By the way, many eyewitnesses claim that more than a half of cars were empty.

Before media also repeatedly reported about humanitarian aid in support of doctors from the president, and also reported that “the domestic businessman” and in combination the president’s son-in-law, Shamsullo Sokhibov, directed humanitarian aid to hospitals and to the population of Khatlon Region. The help to Dangara city hospitals from the daughter of the president Ozoda Rahmon was also widely covered in the press.

On May 12 there was a message about food aid, to the needing families in different regions of the country, from Ismoili Makhmadzokhir, “the young businessman”, the senior grandson of the president. The initiative was carried out at the request of the president about support of the poor on the eve of the holiday Eid al-Fitr. Also he helped the families affected by natural disaster around Abdurakhmoni Dzhomi, and rendered the grocery help to families during a pandemic.

And it seems everything is good, but for some reason there is an unpleasant deposit from all this, not in all sincerity the help when, really, want to help, don’t advertize it, and don’t self-promote on others troubles.

Not long it was necessary to wait for proofs that all this “game in Robin Buzzing” from family of the president dishonest. Pery serious scandal burst when in a plot about the help of “Avesto Group” in which a part of actions belongs to Rustam Emomali the box with a logo of the Tajik-Chinese friendship got into the shot, that is it was humanitarian aid from the government of China. Here then many started talking that the volume of humanitarian aid for fight against coronavirus from other countries is much more, than from the government of the country, but for some reason media are silent about the help of other countries and is unclear as well as where this help is distributed. People understood that they are deceived that medicines and other that is so generously distributed by the president and his environment on its own behalf, it and is that help from the governments of other countries. Also messages in social networks from eyewitnesses began to appear that so-called, “help caravans” from the president rode about the country empty, and there were even such precedents when the help was unloaded, media shot about it the report, and after that loaded the help back in cars and it went about the country further.

 Ignoring all moral, social and other values the president and his family self-promote on others troubles. During such difficult period – it is a direct duty of the president and the government to provide all necessary hospitals, to provide worthy life to the population, to help victims of natural disasters, but not to distribute selectively “handout” on its own behalf. At what at the expense of the state treasury distribute, at the expense of taxes because they stole from the people. The legislation forbids officials to be engaged in business activity. So not only that the president doesn’t do anything for people, he and his environment also take away what the international community and the governments of other countries send to the population. To the population, but not the president!!!

Here such they Robin Hood from family of the president: plunder the poor people of the whole country and selectively distribute to units that stole.

Political movement “Group 24”