Rakhmonov’s treachery behind closed doors

 The leader of the political movement “Group 24” Sukhrob Zafar made on February 12, 2021 the report on the subject “Behind closed doors”.

 At first he reminded of the events of “Bloody month” which took place 31 a year ago and briefly told about the historical reasons of this tragic page in the contemporary history of our country as a result of which about 30 sons of Tajikistan died. He emphasized that this game of politics was developed and carried out by external forces to break all links with the Soviet Union. However the true reasons of “Bloody month” are still not clear, and today nobody remembers the victims of this incident any more.

According to Zafar Sukhrob, the authorities didn’t learn due lessons from this event and in two years made still big mistakes. In the country the civil war as a result of which more than 100 thousand people died, and even the commemorative plaque in memory of all victims that their names weren’t forgotten still isn’t established.

Then Zafar Sukhrob started the main subject of the report and emphasized that today’s subject “Behind closed doors” is logical continuation of the previous conversation on the subject “Protests” and explains it. The fact is that today Rakhmonov’s(President of Tajikistan since 1994) power closed all the doors for visitors, and people can’t file the complaints to the authorities. As a result they are forced to protest. Protests and meetings in the circumstances is a way to inform of the pain and problems officials. But Rakhmonov’s regime showed what doesn’t accept any protests. We said about it in the previous time, giving concrete examples and telling the names. Any who tried to hold an official or informal protest in Tajikistan was killed or imprisoned. And all their business is run behind closed doors, the public doesn’t know about them. For example, case of Makhmurod Odinayev and youth of Hurosonsky district. Both Makhmurod Odinayev, and Huroson’s youth which sought to draw attention of the authorities to pain of people finally remained some, and nobody spoke against an unfair sentence.

Surprisingly, but also Makhmurod Odinayev, and Huroson’s youth were arrested and imprisoned on a charge of hooliganism. First, neither Makhmurod Odinayev, nor Huroson’s youth are hooligans, and their “wine” – only their protest against oppression and lawlessness. If they are, indeed, hooligans, then why are their cases considered behind closed doors and marked as “secret”? By law, cases are classified as “confidential” if they contain state secrets, family information or sexual behavior. However, the materials in these cases do not contain these crimes, and their “fault” is only that they are honest and free people. By suppressing them, the regime wants all its atrocities and crimes to be hidden from the public.

The situation in Tajikistan is deteriorating every year, the doors are closing even more, and no one wants to listen to people’s complaints. If someone screams, he is sent to prison with a charge of “hooliganism.” Today, behind closed doors, the Rakhmonov government decides our and your fate, behind closed doors, they raise our children from an early age in the spirit of slavery and service to the criminal regime and traitor Rakhmonov, behind closed doors they make our youth ignorant and immoral. They decide behind closed doors how to take our property, they decide behind closed doors how to subjugate regions, they decide behind closed doors how to kill liberals, they decide behind closed doors when, how and to whom to sell plots of our land.

How do we get out of this situation and be heard? Only if we stand up for those who tell the truth, and not just gather around them and support them. We will be saved from this abyss only if we break these doors and enter. Because the solution is to break down the doors behind which numerous crimes are committed. Only if we are together can we break these doors and reach Freedom!

At the end, Suhrob Zafar answered questions and phone calls from the audience.


Group of 24 political movement