Rakhmonov sounded youth problems. Who is to blame?

On May 21 there took place the meeting of the president of Tajikistan Rakhmonov with representatives of youth of the country. The meeting format, already by new traditions of Rakhmonov, reminded not an official event, and well played performance more. Everything, the acting or asking questions, begin with traditional odes and the praising speeches addresse to the president who in turn gives to the people the next well prepared lie and abundance of promises.Recently Rakhmonov’s concern about education of younger generation as he understands that the new generation is more progressive is obvious, uses the Internet, visits other countries and is realistic about a situation in Tajikistan. But unfortunately, care of the head of state of youth is limited only to promotion and restriction for use of the Internet.

So, during the recent meeting with representatives of youth, Rakhmonov very long appealed to the patriotic feelings, honor and advantage. I edified: “… never change our favourite Homeland… Don’t forget that people don’t forgive treacheries and traitors in any way”. What hypocrisy to tell about love for the country and at the same time personally to plunder the country and to bring the people to that treachery! Though whether treachery it: to analyze actions of the government, to be indignant concerning injustice, to leave the country where smother any manifestation of democratic principles?

The president spoke long about youth problems, but at the same time accused of all problems irresponsibility of younger generation, but not the dull board.

Rakhmonov expressed concern in use of new technologies, especially the Internet, so he emphasized that “under the influence of various social networks and other mass media some of our weak and ignorant young people get to a trap of groups of interests, betray the nation and the homeland…”. And the easiest way, from his point of view to limit Internet access that he also does long ago, but at the same time he immediately speaks about ignorance which should be eradicated also about importance of studying modern science and use of advanced technologies. Everything mixed up in the president’s head: how does he suggest to study and comprehend new technologies, but at the same time not to use the Internet and not to have access to world media?

With pride the president told that in the country there are 175 universities, 14 institutes, 3 branches of the Russian higher education institutions, one academy, National conservatory, 4 law-enforcement educational institutions and branch of the Technological university in Isfara in which 245 thousand students studying. Over 40 thousand Tajikistan citizen study in foreign higher education institutions. Rakhmonov urged youth to study science, to make everything, “that the next generation, our children, didn’t remain illiterate”. And according to the president there is an interesting picture: Rakhmonov created all conditions for studying science, but at the same time the ignorant people don’t want to study, the youth spends time on social networks and only and thinks of becoming terrorists and to leave, betray the Homeland. Also the president tries to bring to reason very much people the speeches. Yes it is necessary not to say, and to create human living conditions in the country! Children don’t go to school not because don’t want but because someone has no opportunity to reach school because of its remoteness, there is no opportunity to provide with necessary clothes, school supplies, not to mention the house computer. People live in poverty and can’t send the child to school, considering that he will bring more benefit to family, being left without education, physical activity.

Young people don’t go to study science in our universities for the same reason, there is no economic opportunity, many are forced at once to begin to work to help the families, there is no prestigiousness of receiving the higher education in the country as there is no decent work and payment for her after the termination of higher education institution.

Also our young people wouldn’t look for earnings and the truth on social networks, and wouldn’t get on rods of recruiters from ISIL if worthy life in Tajikistan was provided to them. From lack of money and from hopelessness they go mercenaries for participation in fighting, and at all not because they “forget about the national and state interests” as Rakhmonov claims.

Also Rakhmonov reported that in 2020 the young people committed 4900 crimes in the country, from them 754 crimes were committed by minors. And again the president accused of it ignorance and unemployment. Here if young people studied or worked, then once to them would be to commit crimes. And once again Rakhmonov emphasized that annually in the country there are 100 thousand new jobs from which 70% are provided to youth. Next bald lie: he promises every year 100 thousand new jobs, but our compatriots as were forced to go for earnings abroad, so still also go, and unemployment rate grows in Tajikistan.

After Rakhmonov’s performance there was an impression that we have a confused youth and many serious problems of which, as always, all are guilty. And Rakhmonov as the wisest governor will teach us now how it is correct to live how to love the Homeland as it is important to get an education. Here only teaches us is the one who is the most important reason of all sounded problems, the one who is in power nearly 30 years and constantly shifts fault for the crimes and mistakes to others.

Political movement “Group 24”