Rakhmonov never cared for his citizens and did not support them

 On January 26, Saidahmad Makhmadov,the chairman of the Tajik citizen in Volgograd city of Russian Federation , told that six Tajik migrants died as a result of poisoning in a greenhouse on a farm in the Russian city of Rakhtinka. They were natives of the Jaihun (formerly Kumsangir) and Bokhtar districts of the Khatlon region: Kabiljon Faiziddinov (2001), Kosimjon Faiziddinov (2002), Nuriddin Faiziddinov (1985), Saidakram Kabutov (2000), Idibek Salomov (1992) and Muhammadjon Rahmonali (2000). A day earlier, on January 24, according to Russian media, taxi driver Davlatov Emomali, a native of Vakhdat, was also brutally killed at the St. Petersburg airport.

Such cases have become commonplace in recent years. According to statistics, coffins of hundreds of migrants are sent from Russia to Tajikistan, who die annually as a result of murders, diseases, accidents and road traffic accidents. In 2020, in connection with the outbreak of coronavirus and the closure of air and air routes, only 300 people were sent home, and some of the bodies were buried in Russia.

Many people think that the fate of each person is eternal. Yes, fate is in the hands of God, but have you ever wondered that migrants who leave their homeland and their relatives to earn a living and die in exile are mainly young people aged 20 to 30 and 40 years? If they worked in their homeland, they probably would not have fallen ill in cold Russian cellars, would not have been poisoned by smoke or gas in wagons, and would not have been killed by domestic nationalist youth.

Missionaries and supporters of the tyrannical government of Rakhmonov argue that migration is a normal phenomenon of our time and common to all countries. Perhaps, but in a country such as Tajikistan, with a weak economy, a corrupt system, unemployment, especially among young people, and a low standard of living, people from this country are more likely to migrate. According to Tajikistan’s state statistics, about half a million Tajik migrants work and live in Russia and other countries. However, official Russian statistics show that about 1.5 million Tajik migrants work and live in Russia alone. The authorities of the Rakhmonov regime, as always, hide the truth from their people.

During his 30 years in power, dictator Rakhmonov was unable to provide jobs and wages, forcing young people, even with higher education, to leave the country to work abroad. That is why every year we witness the sending to Tajikistan of coffins with hundreds of young people, and this will continue as long as the tyrannical regime of Rakhmonov remains in power.

It is even more tragic that Rakhmonov is indifferent not only to the plight of the country’s population, Especially to the living conditions of migrant workers, who bring billions of dollars to Tajikistan each year and never protect their rights, but also to the families of their children and relatives who have lost themselves in migration, or in the country itself, as a result of natural disasters and even while defending the borders of the Motherland in Vorukh, never expressed condolences and sympathy. And if a similar tragedy occurs in another country, he immediately sends a telegram of condolence.

This once again proves that Rakhmonov never cared for the people and people of Tajikistan, but only protects and supports his family and relatives, who only steal the wealth of the country and people, as well as the survival of their family regime.


Political movement ” Group 24″