Political movement “Group 24” received an official response from the Russian authorities to a request for the fate of Rahmatjon Mahmajon

Recall, on May 18, the representative of the political movement “Group 24” in the Russian Federation, Rahmatjon Mahmajon, disappeared after his exit from home. The last time he called at 12:59 on the same day, after which he no longer got in touch. The political movement “Group 24” hired a lawyer to investigate the incident and sent a letter to the official bodies of the Russian Federation asking for clarification.

On May 27, 2021, the request of the political movement “Group 24” sent to the Office of the President of the Russian Federation on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs was answered: “Rakhmatjon Makhmadzhon left the territory of the Russian Federation on May 18, 2021.” It is also reported that he has no criminal or administrative offenses in the territory of the Russian Federation, and that the political movement “Group-24” should contact the law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan with a request to search for Rakhmatjon Mahmadzhon.

It is important to note here that Rakhmatjon Mahmadzhon has been a citizen of Russia since 2010 and has official registration in the city of Volsk, Saratov region. In addition, there are decisions of the Izmailovsky interdistrict prosecutor’s office of Moscow and Balashikha, according to which the detention of Rakhmatzhon Makhmadzhon in Russia is illegal.

In addition, according to Russian law, direct responsibility for the search for a Russian citizen rests exclusively with law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation. So why are the country’s authorities not fulfilling their legal duty to protect their citizens, or are Russian laws applicable only to ethnic Russians?

Following the recommendations of the Russian authorities and contacting the law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan in connection with the disappearance of Rakhmatjon Mahmadjon is simply pointless, since this is not the first time that Tajik law enforcement agencies abduct their opponents in Russia. And we are 100 percent sure that Rakhmatjoni Makhmadzhon did not leave the territory of the Russian Federation of his own free will, but was abducted and taken to Tajikistan by order of Rakhmonov.

The political movement “Group 24”, together with a lawyer representing our interests, urges the Russian authorities to investigate the whereabouts of Rahmatjon Mahmajon, as this is their direct responsibility.

Political movement “Group 24”