Position of the Group of 24 Political Movement on recent developments in Afghanistan

  Over the past two years, since the Taliban came to power, the political situation in Afghanistan has become one of the most debated and acute problems in the world. Although the Taliban came to power as no surprise to many, the Taliban’s meetings with the superpowers over the past two or three years have shown that they are coordinating the transfer of power.

Of course, we believe that the crisis in Afghanistan should be resolved through dialogue between the country’s political parties and religious minorities, and no country should intervene. However, following the formation by foreigners of a purely Taliban government supported by the Pakistani military, the attack on Panjsher province, the torture of journalists, the suppression of protests, especially violence against women, and the resettlement of Tajiks and Persians from their permanent places of residence, are of great concern.

The political movement “Group 24” condemns Pakistan’s military assistance to the Taliban in the attack on Panjsher, and regards this as interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. We also strongly condemn the killing of civilians by the Taliban in the region as a war crime and call on the international community, human rights organizations, civil society, journalists and cultural figures to speak out strongly against it. At the same time, we encourage journalists and the media to report on developments in Afghanistan on the basis of reliable documents and facts.

Today, the international community must provide immediate humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan, especially the people of Panjsher province, who are in dire need of food, clothing and medicine. We urge the Government of Tajikistan to open the border to refugees and to assist them with human rights organizations.

The political movement “Group 24” and all the people of Tajikistan pray to the Most High to rejoice the souls of the martyrs of freedom and independence of Afghanistan, their place in paradise. And we will honor their memory and wish the glorious people of Afghanistan to end the fratricidal war of Muslims as soon as possible. We wish them to come to peace and start a creative life in an atmosphere of prosperity.

Political movement “Group  24”