Once again, Interior Minister Ramazon Rakhimzoda voiced fictional statistics

Tajik Interior Minister Ramazon Rakhimzoda once again demonstrated his rich imagination at a press conference on August 4, voicing fictional statistics. Thus, he said that in the first half of this year 13 people were arrested on charges of involvement in the activities of the Group of 24.

The political movement «Group-24» has repeatedly stated and reiterated that any incident involving members of the «Group 24» will not go unnoticed by the movement. We closely monitoring the outcome of each such incident and officially inform the public about it. This year, only Rahmatjon Mahmajon, a member of the political movement «Group 24» in the Russian Federation, was abducted and extradited to Tajikistan with the assistance of the Russian security forces. However, the Tajik authorities still do not comment on the details of this heinous crime: how Rahmatjon Mahmadjon was abducted and where he is located.

The statistics provided by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan on the arrest of members of the political movement «Group 24» do not correspond to reality. This is not the first time that Tajik law enforcement agencies publish and voice incorrect data. This is done in order to show their strength and report “up” that they faithfully serve and slave to the Rakhmonov(President of Tajikistan since 1994) regime. In addition, law enforcement agencies thus show the public how hard they “work” in the name of the security of citizens and the whole country. And, most importantly, the country’s law enforcement agencies are trying to intimidate people by demonstrating the terrible consequences of connecting with such parties and movements.

The figures voiced by the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: 143 people arrested in the first six months of this year on suspicion of membership in prohibited, terrorist and extremist organizations not only do not correspond to reality, but also expose the entire ministry in a comical form, everyone understands that the minister is fantasizing and no one else believes in these false statistics and reports, in the empty promises of the authoritarian Rakhmonov regime and in the “bright future” that have been promised to the people for thirty years.

Political movement «Group-24»