Combating terrorism in Tajikistan

 The current authorities pay special attention to the topic of combating terrorism in Tajikistan. After all, Rakhmonov calls terrorists not those who actually threaten the security of civilians, but those who threaten to find him in power. And in the fight against political opponents, as practice shows, for Rakhmonov all means are good.

Only because a person does not share an official point of view on any issue will the authorities accuse him of all mortal sins. They will come up with what articles of the criminal code denigrate a person and convince society of his danger.
And in order not to be unfounded, we want to talk about one of thousands of such cases.
At the moment, an activist of our political movement “Group 24” Mirzoev Yusufjon  is wanted for his political views and activities, accused by the authorities of the Republic of Tajikistan under article 307 “Organization of activities of an extremist organization.” According to leaflets and press information, this citizen is a member of the extremist organization of the Salafia movement, whose activities are prohibited on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan by a decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tajikistan from 08.12.2014.

We can officially confirm: the activities of Mirzoyev Yusufjon were never religious, he was never a member of this community, but he was not even seen in sympathy for the Salafists.
But it is more profitable for employees of internal bodies to accuse a person of Salafism, whose attitude is generally negative in Tajik society than to write the truth.
Moreover, the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan, which is a democratic State, stipulates that the practice of any religion is voluntary for citizens. In this case, it can be said that the declaration of the Salafia movement as extremist is legally contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan. Another interesting paradox is that the Rakhmonov government, on the one hand, is fighting the movement, and on the other, has good diplomatic, political and economic relations with Saudi Arabia, a supporter of the Salafi movement.
In fact, Mirzoev Yusufjon is engaged in a political struggle against the dictatorial regime and is a  member of the political movement of the “Group 24”. But they understand that in this case they will not receive help on the wanted list either from the population of the country or from law enforcement officers of other countries. Tajik society, and abroad, already knows that the political movement “Group 24” is not an extremist organization, but a political opponent of Rakhmonov, and that we are unacceptable and do not support violence.

Political movement “Group 24”