On July 9th 50 years to the famous Tajik human rights activist Buzurgmekhr Yorov are execute

 The political movement “Group 24” congratulates Buzurgmekhr Yorov on anniversary, wishes it health, strength of mind and the fastest return to normal life. Your feat for justice and a celebration of the law, for protection of the rights and freedoms of Tajikistan people will not be forgotten. Thanks to such people as you, the whole world saw in what tyranny there live our citizens. You an example and hope for many, we will not be hit in fight against lost all moral standards and Rakhmonov’s humanity.

In September, 2020 the Fund of Buzurgmekhr Yorov was created. In spite of the fact that the famous lawyer is in prison, its ideals and business of his life proceeds. Main objectives of Fund: giving of publicity of affairs of political prisoners of Tajikistan and their protection, giving of publicity of a situation with human rights in Tajikistan, support of the persons injured with violation of their rights from the state; liquidation of legal illiteracy of the population of Tajikistan, etc.

We will remind that Buzurgmekhr Yorov was arrested in September, 2015 and is sentenced to 28 years of imprisonment. The authorities of Tajikistan deny that Yorov’s case is political, claiming that he is condemned for fraud. But human rights activists of the whole world and the large international organizations, including the Human Rights Committee of the UN, consider a sentence politically motivated and demand its release.

Yorov is known for a number of loud lawsuits, without being afraid of anger of the authorities, he fought for justice and the rights of the persons pursued by the government of Tajikistan on political charges. So in 2011 it protected the religious figure and the former senator Hodzhi Akbar Turadzhonzod when that filed a lawsuit against the head of the Council Ulema for the organized pressure upon it because of criticism of religious policy of the authorities. In 2013 Yorov he was the lawyer of Mukhiddin Kabiri, the party leader of Islamic revival and the member of parliament of the country against whom the mayor’s office of Dushanbe supported its criticism of massive cutting of trees in the capital. In 2014 Yorov represented the interests of Fakhriddin Zokirov, the Tajik lawyer who was arrested on a charge of fraud, as revenge from the authorities for protection of the businessman and politician Zayd Saidov.

In September, 2015 the Party of Islamic revival (PIRT) in Tajikistan was prohibited, and her members are accused of terrorism, about 200 people were detained. Buzurgmer Yoorov was the first lawyer of supporters of Islamic party, and he was not afraid to announce tortures and beatings of the clients.

On September 28, 2015 Yorov gave an interview in which he said about creation of committee of protection of members of Islamic party of Tajikistan, in the same day he was arrested.

And next day the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan stated that Yorov is accused of fraud and forgery on affairs since 2010.

Despite numerous protests and requirements of the international human rights organizations to the authorities of Tajikistan about Yorov’s release, the lawyer was sentenced to 28 years on charges of fraud and also in creation of extremist group, public promotion of the extremist ideas and incitement of race, racial or religious strife.

According to relatives, Yorov was exposed to tortures during the investigation and after condemnation and was refused in providing medical care.

The authorities once again showed that for them there are no laws, Rakhmonov lives in the wild world and he does not care about the international civilized community.

Despite cruelty and indicative punishment, there are in our country people for whom protection of the rights and freedoms – lifework, and without fearing punishments, following appeals of the conscience, they go all the way. We would like to note, besides Buzurgmekhr Yorov, such fearless people as:

 Shukhrat Kudratov who was condemned on the same charges, as well as Yorov whom he protected and also Nuriddin Makhkamov, Dilbar Dododzhonova, Fakhriddin Zokirov, Iskhok Tabarov – all of them were not afraid to go against the power alone, understanding perfectly that it will be followed by punishment.

The modern generation of our human rights activists has to be guided by moral qualities and vital values of such people, without forgetting about the real destination: to service to the law and justice. Today, unfortunately, most of the human rights activists of our country frightened of similar legal procedures serves not the law, and Rakhmonov.

Political movement “Group 24”