Kuvvatov’s speech at the Demonstration in Moscow

The first steps of the disgraced hero – Umarali Quvvatov – in the fight against the dictatorial regime of Rahmon in Tajikistan began in Moscow. He studied the practice of holding meetings and believed that one day, the proud people of Tajikistan would wake up and realize that living under a dictatorial regime in terms of parochial discrimination, social injustice, total corruption and an unworthy ruler is not in the nature of such a proud and ancient people. And if that happened, the people would get rid of this regime and build a decent future for themselves with a society where human life would be valued above all else and their rights and freedom respected strictly. He sacrificed himself for his ideas and his desires are coming true step by step. His followers are continuing his work, the number of his supporters is growing rapidly and the day when all his plans will be fully implemented is not farfetched.


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