Congratulations of Group 24 on the beginning of Ramadan

Political movement Group 24 congratulates the citizens of Tajikistan and the Muslims around the world with the beginning of month Ramadan, the month of mercy and forgiveness. The month of Ramadan has countless of graces, some of which we would like to mention. One of the greatest graces of this month is that, the Qur’an was revealed in this month.

God says: ”Ramadan is a month when the Holy Quran was revealed in this month as a guide for the humanity.” This month is also known as a month of God. The Almighty God wants his slaves to be more kind in this month. Also, it is narrated: ”Whoever fasts Ramadan out of faith and in the hope of reward, his previous sins will be forgiven.” Therefore, the month of Ramadan is of great importance and highly respected among Muslims. Muslims during this month give more charity, pray night prayers, become more generous in helping those in need, spend their time reciting the Quran and repent to God for the sins committed.

It is impossible to mention all the graces of this holy month with a few sentences but is of great benefit to mention some of those mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. Besides the physical fasting, there is also spirituality and morality. If a person wants to develop his moral character, he should restrict himself from his bad desires, that are immoral. The most important thing to do in order to keep oneself from immorality and to develop spirituality is fasting throughout the month of Ramadan. As it is narrated: ”Fast and you will be healthy”. Of course, it is not the only physical health meant here, but also spiritual health which is much more important. The graces and benefit that one can get in Ramadan are for those who indeed understand them and act accordingly through different types of worships. This year, the month of Ramadan comes with the longest and warmest days, that bring difficulties, first of all, for the labor migrants, prisoners, soldiers, poor families, and then for the whole society. It could be a great test for all of them. Those whom we mentioned at first, cannot afford for themselves better food due to many reasons leading to that.

Notwithstanding all of these barriers, the Muslims of Tajikistan, either being in the home country or outside of it, endure all these difficulties and spend their time on worshipping, which is a sign of being devoted to God. Nowadays we witness the hardest times for the Muslims of our country and that is due to the last 27 years that left our citizens outside of their homeland away from their families and beloved ones. Those citizens have been the victims and no one wants to know their bad situation except for God. Therefore, the month of Ramadan is a good chance for them to connect with God and share with Him their pain and difficulties. And the losers are those who miss such opportunity of being closer to God and are careless towards this sacred month. Our country is an a state of sudden economic, social, cultural and political crisis and it will become even worse as long as Rahmonov is running the country under his current system that is absolutely corrupted.

Despite of all these difficulties, the month of Ramadan has its blessings, which can not be observed during other months. In this month, people should restrain themselves from inner and outer bad deeds, and increase their faith. Our nation should appreciate this sacred month and be connected with God through supplications and prayers. And we ask God for forgiveness and guidance for the whole nation. Also, we ask God for a victory over the oppressors. We want to send greetings and congratulations on the beginning of Ramadan to the whole nation on behalf of Suhrob Zafar, the leader of Group 24, and Nasimjon Sharifov, who are still under the arrest. We look forward to supplications from the whole nation for the freedom of those who jailed for no reason. Once again, we want to congratulate on the beginning of this sacred month the whole nation of Tajikistan and we ask God to accept our supplications and prayers.

Political Council of the Group 24