Congratulation of the political movement “Group 24” on the Day of Language

 33 years have passed since the adoption of the State Language Act. During this period, the Language Law was not only not implemented, but many of its important points that ensured the development of the Tajik-Persian language in Tajikistan were deleted from the law after Rakhmonov(The President of Tajikistan since 1994) came to power. We can say that for more than thirty years of independence, the state language has not developed and today is in a deplorable state. A striking example of this is that today, starting with Rakhmonov himself and ending with ministers and officials of all stripes, we cannot find anyone who can speak in a pure and literate language. The level of language skills and general literacy, Rakhmonov’s knowledge can be determined by the moments of his speeches when he speaks outside the paper and text. Ministers and government leaders also always recite a pre-prepared text on paper. As for the level of proficiency in the language of Majlisi namoyandagon and Majlisi milli, one can draw a conclusion on the language of the laws adopted. The language of the documents has not yet been translated, because they are translated literally from Russian. Until now, Russian words and phrases are used in the legislation, while there are plenty of good versions of these words and terms in our language. The language of state press, radio and television is almost on the same level.

Today in Tajikistan, history is distorted and everyone is associated with the name of Rakhmonov. A few years ago, even Language Day, coinciding with the date of adoption of the Language Law – July 22, was postponed to November 5, that is, Rakhmonov’s birthday. The initiators of this bold move even tried to present the adoption of the Language Act as one of Rakhmonov’s achievements. Now Rakhmonov has nothing to do with this Day of Law and Language, but on the contrary, for thirty years now it has been Rakhmonov and his authoritarian regime that has hindered the development and growth of the language. However, not much time has passed since the passage of the Language Act and the historical date of Language Day, and people remember history well. Not far away is the day when this historical truth will be restored.

The political movement “Group of 24” considers July 22 to be Language Day and congratulates the noble people of Tajikistan and all people-speaking people on this holiday, wishes them happiness, health, free and prosperous life.

Happy Language Day!