Authorities use inhumane methods to silence opposition

Authorities use inhumane methods to silence opposition.

Tajik law enforcement agencies not only violate the Constitution and international law, but also use unimaginable illegal ways to suppress the opposition and critics of power. They are not easily called “extremists” and “terrorists” and imprisoned on this basis, as well as put pressure on their families and relatives. The family of Behruz Tagoyzoda, host of Sadoi Mardum, is currently under pressure from authorities.

The details of the case are that Behruz Tagoyzoda’s family received permission from the community to marry their son three weeks ago, and according to the plan, they were to hold their son’s wedding on November 11. However, the day before, the community informs them that the wedding cannot be held. Putting pressure on the family, law enforcement officers are seeking that Behrouz Taғoyzoda refuse to further fight and officially apologize to the Tajik government in the video. This work of law enforcement agencies in Tajikistan indicates that the Voice of the People program scared them, because this program is increasingly reaching the hearts of people and opens people’s eyes to violations of the law and crimes of the autocratic regime of Rahmonov(the President of Tajikistan since 1994).

If you look at the depth of the question, it will become clear that the law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan commit the lowest, inhuman and illegal actions due to their incapacity and weakness. At the same time, the legislation of the Republic of Tatarstan states that parents are not responsible for the actions of their children who are 18 years old.

However, the Government of Tajikistan must know that it will not be able to stop justice fighters from engaging in such illegal and inhumane activities. The host of the Voice of the People program, Behruz Tagoyzoda, officially declares that he will never abandon the path he chose, the path to tell the truth, the path to educate the people and society, because this is the only way that will lead the people of Tajikistan to freedom and happiness, lead to the overthrow of the repressive Rahmonov regime and the establishment of a democratic society.

Political movement “Group 24”