The next victims of the criminal regime of Rakhmonov: Amriddin Alovatshoev and Chorshanbe Chorshanbiev

The crimes of Rakhmonov (The President of Tajikistan since 1994) with the direct assistance of the authorities of the Russian Federation continue.
Carefully planned actions to eliminate and intimidate oppositionists and political critics show that nothing has changed: Rakhmonov’s main task is to retain power. Recently, Rakhmonov’s instability in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region has caused concern, unrest has been suppressed, and punitive demonstration operations continue.

On January 12, Amriddin Alovatshoev disappeared in Moscow, who, according to unofficial information, was already in the Dushanbe detention center on January 13. Amriddin Alovatshoev’s relatives and friends are still unknown about his whereabouts. Tajik officials, as always, claim that they do not have information on the deportation of this citizen to Dushanbe.
Amriddin Alovatshoev was born in the Roshtkalinsky district of the GBAO, lived in Russia for a long time, worked in a private security company, and trained his fellow countrymen in his free time. He often helped solve disputes between migrants and employers, which he found great respect for himself. He headed the unofficial Badakhshan movement in Moscow, the goal of the movement is to promote a healthy lifestyle and mutual assistance.
The abduction of Amriddin Alovatshoev is likely to be Rakhmonov’s revenge for the events of November 2021, when about a thousand immigrants from the GBAO gathered at the Tajik Embassy in Moscow to protest the murder of Gulbiddin Ziyobekov by Tajik security forces. Alovatshoev then acted as an intermediary in negotiations between the protesters and the ambassador of Tajikistan to the Russian Federation, while Rakhmonov considered him the main organizer of the protests.
Another victim of the Rakhmonov regime is the famous MMA fighter Chorshanbe Chorshanbiev, who spoke under the flag of Tajikistan, also a native of the GBAO. In recent years, he lived in Russia. He was deported from the Russian Federation, by a court decision, in connection with a violation of migration law. Upon arrival in Dushanbe, on December 30, 2021, he was detained and accused of inciting national and religious discord (article 189 of the Criminal Code of Tajikistan) and in public calls for the overthrow of power in Tajikistan (article 307). In general, the standard scheme already well known to us was again used: allegedly violation of migration legislation (or abduction) – deportation – articles 189 and 307. At the moment, he is still in custody, awaiting trial, he faces up to 8 years in prison.
We have repeatedly written about such crimes of Rakhmonov, about the cynical and unpunished violation of all international norms and laws, about the support and complicity of the Russian authorities.
And unfortunately, Rakhmonov continues, without fear of anyone and nothing to crack down on people, trampling their lives, only because they expressed their opinion, different from the official position of the authorities, only for their indifference to the difficult life of their fellow countrymen.
How many more human casualties and broken human fates will be thrown to the feet of the bloody dictator Rakhmonov?

Political movement “Group 24”