And again about the epidemic of coronavirus in Tajikistan or what led to the inaction of the authorities

 For the second year, the coronavirus epidemic has been raging around the world.

In just a few months, the coronavirus spread around the world, invaded the lives of millions of people, forced a change in the usual way of life, and brought pain to someone the loss of a loved one…

A tragedy of a global scale overtook both our country and society, coronavirus has become an integral part of our life. More and more often, we hear about the grief of loss in a particular family.

Due to the cowardice and monstrous inaction of the Tajik authorities, the coronovirus spread very quickly throughout the country. And while the whole world was taking measures to combat the disease, Rakhmonov and high-ranking officials were busy celebrating Nowruz(Persian New Year) and organizing other celebrations. And citizens of Tajikistan at this time were dying of “pneumonia” of mysterious origin.

And so far, Rakhmonov has not admitted his guilt in the rapid spread of the disease and the large number of deaths, so far there are no good and convincing reasons for denying the presence of coronavirus in Tajikistan.

Our society has suffered many losses, the exact number of victims of coronavirus is still unknown. We hear only about public figures and other famous people who died from coronavirus, but how many ordinary people have lost their loved ones, we do not know about this.

And this tragedy continues: people also die, the authorities also do nothing. It seems that the coronavirus was officially recognized when it became profitable and it was already ridiculous to deny further. Tajikistan receives millions of tons of humanitarian assistance to combat coronavirus, but our hospitals are still unable to provide basic treatment and care for the sick, hundreds of our fellow citizens die due to the lack of medicines, mechanical ventilation devices and proper medical care.

The Rakhmonov family has not bypassed the coronavirus, the disease continues to collect its victims, and it is still poor you or a rich, simple worker or president. According to some sources, more than 10 close relatives of Rakhmonov were hospitalized with a diagnosis of coronavirus. At least two victims of coronavirus in the presidential family are reliably known: in July, Rakhmonov’s mother-in-law, Uzbekbi Asadulloyeva, and sister-in-law, Kurbonbi Rakhmonov, died.

In connection with the death of Rakhmonov’s sister, information began to appear in the media that the president’s nephews beat the Minister of Health and doctors who incorrectly treated the patient in anger.

We sincerely sympathize and respect the grief of the president, but the Almighty does not just send a test. Maybe at least now a person will feel the pain of others? It will be thought that he himself is to blame for this situation: he did not attach importance to the problem of the spread of the disease, created a system in the country where people occupy high and responsible posts without sufficient knowledge and skills. Nephews did not need to beat the minister and doctors, but the one who allowed them to be appointed to positions that did not meet their qualifications. For Rakhmonov, the main thing is that the ministers are well able to hush up problems and lie to the press, but maybe even now he will understand how wrong he was.

We have repeatedly warned the Government and people of the country from the very beginning of this pandemic of its seriousness, and we have been aware of the consequences, and we have called for action.

Today everyone is going through bad times.

The members of the political movement «Group 24» wish the people of Tajikistan patience and a speedy return to normal life.


Political movement «Group 24»